Download preliminary whitepaper here (v0.8)

Bitsoft Bay ICO Roadmap

This roadmap, highlights our proposed timeline for the development of the BitSoft Bay.

  • Early Works

    FEBRUARY 1, 2018

    Foundation of Bitsoft Bay and the development team.

  • Pre-ICO

    MAY 10, 2018

    Start of pre-ICO and private sales. This stage is very good for early investors and will benefit from huge bonuses offered.

  • BitSoft Bay Development team complete

    JUNE 10, 2018

    This is a milestone for completing development team and here we should have "pedal to the metal".

  • ICO

    JUNE 30, 2018

    The ICO begins.

  • BitSoft Bay ICO ends

    AUGUST 26, 2018

    End of the one of our most important stages of our project.

  • Demo Platform

    SEPTEMBER, 2018

    August will be a milestone when we will have a demo platform (early development alpha).

  • Release tokens to the market

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2018

    Tokens released to market

  • Legal Matters

    SEPTEMBER, 2018

    Acquire licenses and all legalization required for www.BitSoftBay.com platform

  • The Launch

    DECEMBER, 2018

    Launch of the fully operational www.BitSoftBay.com platform

  • Genesis

    DECEMBER, 2018

    Mining the genesis block of the BitSoft coin and releasing it, starting the swap of BSTX tokens to BSCX coin.


ICO starts in:

How to buy BitSoft Bay tokens

Wallet Address


Tokens will be deposited on a wallet you used to buy tokens.

Convert here Ethereum

About US

This is our founder team, our amazing team. These are the guys dedicated to make this project a succesful one.

Ovidiu Marian Miel

CEO and founder of BitSoft Interprojects.


Senior Software Development Architect and Development Leader.

Rodica Tamas

Coming from a financial background, was the secretary of the national treasury of Romania and chief of the administration office of the National Bank of Romania for over 20 years.

Larisa Tamas

Expert financial adviser and analyst with administrative and management skillset.

Liviu Pop

Experienced in forex trading and cryptocurrencies trading for over 6 years.

Mihai Gergely

Graphics and design with over 15 years of experience.

Rareș Mircea

Entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist for domestic and international brands. Deeply involved in the cryptocurrency environment, both as an investor and as an advisor.

Popan Cătălin

Legal representant of Bitsoft Interprojects.